Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Ornaments

Here are a series of ornaments I made, available at Ten Women Gallery in Santa Monica.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Emerging from The Mama Cave for Mentee Day

I haven't written in the blog for some time, but I have a good excuse! Here he is, with his big sister.

Born January 25, at 9 lb. 12 oz, Raphael is a healthy, unusually large baby, and I am definitely falling in love.

I decided to poke my head out of the mama cave this weekend by meeting up with a bunch of fellow SCBWI mentees in San Diego at Mentee Day, planned by David Diaz, our Master Mentor. Among other things, David took us to visit the home of uber agent Steven Malk. I spent most of the time in the hallway bouncing the baby, listening to snippets of wisdom from Steven, and ogling his collection of original art in his front entry (lovely pieces from Carson Ellis, Catia Chien, and Jon Klassen, to name a few).  We also got to peak into his baby daughter's bedroom and see her amazing wall of books. That will be one well-read little baby. Below is the pic Steven snapped of us, in front of his Kadir Nelson painting:

(from left: Brooke Boynton Hughes, Erin O' Shea, Eliza Wheeler, Arree Chung, Christina Forshay, Rodolfo Montalvo, Kimberly Gee, Maple Lam, Karyn Raz, and David Diaz)

It was great to reconnect with the tribe.